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Clinical Somatic Education, in the tradition of Dr Thomas Hanna, is one form of movement re-education. It improves the sensory motor system. It teaches you how to move.  Every single thing you experience in life, whether it's mental, emotional, physical, repetative, computer work, holding babies on your hip etc, it doesn't matter what it is.

Every single solitary thing is experienced as feedback. It goes into your brain and is met with a motor message. You sense. You move.


That's how we learn to walk, ride a bike, feed ourselves with utensils. It's all good, until something happens that takes away that voluntary learned control.

So even the muscles learn by doing. We learn through repetition and habituation. So we can learn all of the good things.

But we can also learn the bad things. For example, holding yourself in an awkward posture when walking with a limp, or with a pelvis that is twisted, walking with an extremely arched back, prolonged periods of slumping over a computer at work or electronic devices when texting/Facebook/Gaming! 

This is all learned - it doesn't happen to you. Unless the obvious exception in which you were born with a physical deformity or similar that perhaps required surgery when you were young. We are not talking about structural problems that were there from birth.

We are talking about 'everything was good to go until something happened', and all of a sudden your movement changes.

Why is that? What happened? It didn't happen to you - it was happening from the inside out all along.


If you slip and have an accident; if it's a blow to the body; repetative movements/posture; even mental or physical trauma - all that which your body experiences, responds in your brain. So you brain changes the way it senses and moves your body. We actually lose the ability to move efficiently. The muscles can get so tight, that they can't relax.


"That which you are not aware of, is that which you cannot change"

Dr Thomas Hanna, PhD. So in order to change something you are not aware of, you have to highlight what your habit is.

Clinical Somatic Education

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