Embodied Eggs on Toast Pt. 2

After my last post in Pt. 1, it got me thinking - did I have to learn how to chew? Or was it instinctual? Nothing for it, I had to ring my Mum. I guess to sum up our lengthy phone call, it was a bit of both.

Most babies have a natural instinct to swallow; perhaps with a little bit of coaxing, to latch on; to feed from the mother. As the baby starts to eat more solid foods, this natural instinct to swallow in addition to the repetition of parent(s) mimicking chewing movements and often making "nom, nom, nom" noises to get the taste, assists the child in developing important skills to take through to adulthood.

When we are babies, at around 5-6 months of age and on our tummies, we start to learn that by contracting the extensor muscles of the back and pushing the knees backward, the head lifts up (Laundau response, or Green Light reflex).

Gradually, babies will start to rise up and move forward (as Somas do) and little by little, progress to the toddler phase. Falling numerous times. But with perseverance, repetition, patience, habituation, strength etc, the child begins to walk.

These are just some of the instinctive behaviours and/or natural human movement patterns we discover in our bodies.

So where am I going with all this?

I have many students attending my courses in Hanna Somatics, aimed at helping people get rid of their chronic muscle tension and improve the w