Clinical Somatic Education - In Person

Assist re-establishing functional movement patterns.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 132 Australian dollars
  • Yoga Spirit Studios

Service Description

Clinical Somatic Education is a form of neuromuscular movement re education, based on the work of Thomas Hanna Ph.D., founder of Hanna Somatics. Our brains adapt to an altered way of moving , as a result of accidents, surgeries, overtraining or repetitive movements; even the demands of life. When compensatory movements are repeated long enough, they become habituated at the level of the brain. The only way to change how your brain senses and moves your body is to re educate it by giving it new input. This is where Clinical Somatic Education comes in. You are the only one that can truly feel what is going on in your body. You are the only one that can change how your brain experiences you. No one else can do that. It is up to you to have self agency over learning to make changes to your nervous system. How do you do that? I will teach you! As a Clinical Somatic Educator, I will work with you to assess which protocol to start with first. The different protocols address one of three main reflexes that we get stuck in that affect the muscles of the central trunk. The muscles learn to tighten as a protective measure, and as a response to everyday stressors. It is possible for people to have all three reflexes presenting at once. The brain can only learn one thing at a time, so we can only address one reflex at a time. Therefore, several sessions may be required. Once a protocol has been chosen, I will guide you through a sequence of movements using hands on assisted pandiculation, which is a technique that incorporates a gentle muscle contraction just enough to sense it (which gets the brain’s attention); staying present for the slow and steady release (here is where the brain is learning something new); followed by complete relaxation (when your brain is integrating a new possibility). This is quite different to third-person modalities that aim to force muscles to stretch; or someone working ‘on you’ from the outside when they attempt to ‘fix’ your structure. These generally only provide short term relief as there has been no change to the way your brain senses you.

Cancellation Policy

Numbers for group sessions are kept small to allow for personalised attention, and to offer support where needed. Bookings are essential to secure your place. This is applicable to all services offered. Classes: • Canceling your class booking if you cannot attend is required at least 2 hrs before the start time. This will open up a vacancy to someone that may really need this work. • Failure to do so will result in the visit still being deducted from your Class Pass. • There are no refunds for non attendance. It is your responsibility to: • Manage your own schedule and consider any commitments/holidays/planned absence when making your purchase to any classes, courses or workshops. • Use up a class pass before the expiry date. Extensions are not available. Courses & Workshops: • Bookings are essential to reserve your place. There are no refunds for these services once registration has been made. • You can request that it be transferred to another person by sending an email to: • Strictly no refunds for non attendance. • Any amendments to this are at the facilitators discretion. Punctuality & Attendance: • Please arrive 10 minutes early before class starts to organise the equipment you may need and settle in. • To maximise our time together, it is important that our classes begin on time. • No admittance once class has started and/or the doors are closed. Sensitivities & Illness (in person classes): • Please stay home if you are unwell. Check the schedule to book into an alternate class. • As many people suffer from headaches, migraines and allergies - it is requested that you refrain from wearing strong perfumes and essential oils.

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