Move Without Pain - One day workshop

with international Clinical Hanna Somatic Educator, Martha Peterson (U.S.A.)

This course is open to the general public! This 8-hour workshop is an introduction to the profoundly helpful movements of Hanna Somatics from the book, Move Without Pain, by Martha Peterson. 

If you've tried everything to get long-term relief from muscle pain and limited movement, this workshop will teach you to improve your ability to relieve back, hip, neck, shoulder or knee pain - on your own! Come learn to improve your ability to sense yourself, move freely and efficiently, and function better in life. 

Thebarton Community Centre

Cnr Ashwin Pde and South Road

Torrensville SA 5031

(Car park entrance off South Road)

Tuesday 12 July, 2016

9:00 - 5:00pm

$175 AUD

(As this workshop is being organised by Martha's Australian host, Jo Bentley - this event fee is in AUD).

Hanna Somatics Exercise Coach - Level 1

15-17 July, 2016


with international Clinical Hanna Somatic Educator, Martha Peterson (U.S.A.)


In this comprehensive 3-day course students will attain a fundamental grasp of the core principles of Hanna Somatics and Somatic Movement: the science, philosophy, techniques. Martha Peterson, author of Move Without Pain and developer of the Pain-Free Somatic Exercise DVD series, will teach you how to facilitate awareness in your students/clients, and how to instruct Somatic Exercises for maximum benefit.


Somatic Exercises, as developed by Thomas Hanna, PhD, prepare you to move well! They are “corrective exercises,” which restore sensory motor awareness and control to the brain and muscular system. They are an excellent complement to any movement practice, physical training or rehabilitation program. Incorporating these exercises and the principles of somatic movement into your primary practice will allow you to teach your clients safe, gentle methods for chronic muscle pain relief found nowhere else.


View full course prospectus (This PDF description is for informational purposes only.)



All prospective participants are expected to have read Move Without Pain, by Martha Peterson, and Somatics, by Thomas Hanna, PhD. Students should also have exposure to and personal experience with, the basic Somatic Exercises through Somatics classes, clinical sessions, or having learned them on their own from these books.



$800 USD (full tuition)
$725 USD (early bird tuition if paid before May 23, 2016)
Please note: all course fees are listed in USD


For those who have already attended the HSEC Level One, you may review the course again for 50% off the full price. Please contact for payment details.

This course is a prerequisite for our Essential Somatics® Clinical Somatic Education Professional Training.

$725.00 USD before 23 May, 2016 or $800.00 USD after 23 May, 2016

HSEC Level 1 Schedule:

  • Fri, Jul 15, 2016 9:30am 
    Sun, Jul 17, 2016 6:00pm

  • Thebarton Community Centre,  Cnr Ashwin Parade and South Rd.Torrensville, SA 5031 Australia

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