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Private Clinical Sessions

Private, one-on-one clinical Somatics sessions are the most rapid way to begin to restore muscle function, improve freedom of movement, and eliminate your particular pattern of habituated muscular pain. Group classes  and workshops are the best way to maintain the changes and improvement you make in your muscle function, body awareness, and movement once you have learned to reverse your Sensory Motor Amnesia. Because you will be moving during the sessions, you should wear loose, comfortable clothing for ease of movement (no jeans,  skirts, or dresses).

What happens in a Private Clinical Session?

Your posture is assessed before each lesson in order for the practitioner to determine which clinical lesson (or protocol) to teach you. Each clinical lesson focuses on one specific stress reflex pattern that is present in your posture. We can only help you release one pattern at a time, so further sessions may be advised.

After assessment, we move on to the movement lesson itself.  You lie on a low table and are guided, hands-on, through gentle, easy movements and assisted pandiculations (muscular releases) designed to restore sensation and control of muscles at the brain level and reverse your specific patterns of chronic muscular tension. With hands-on help and measured resistance from the practitioner, you will begin to retrain your brain to release amnesic, painful muscles and reset their length and function. This process improves the brain’s awareness, and facilitates your ability to monitor, correct, and adjust your posture, movement, and responses to stress – on your own! Each session focuses on your particular needs, history of muscular pain, and movement habits.

At the conclusion of each session you will learn specific Somatic Exercises to practice at home. A daily 5-10 minute Somatics routine reinforces the improvement you achieve in each private session. These self-care movements are the linchpin to long-term pain relief and efficient movement; a daily practice gives you the ability to manage chronic stress, relieve aches and pains, improve balance, and monitor and improve your movement and posture.

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