"Your absolute belief and enjoyment in your practice is captured by your students- you make it possible for all of us"

- Wendy , Student

"I feel very grateful that i feel a personal warmth and connection with you"

"I feel you are genuinely pleased to see me as a student and a person, and that you try to see each one of your students in this way"

- Alison, Student

In her early 30's, Jo was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (a chronic neurological disorder that affects the central nervous system) that left half her body paralyzed and taking over a month to be able to walk again. The positive she has taken out of her diagnosis is a greater body awareness; how it moves, heals and breathes. Over the past 17 years, she has fought back to reclaim some semblance of her former health using Hanna Somatics, Yoga, improved nutrition and balanced choices.

Jo Bentley is a Registered Hatha Yoga Teacher and Clinical Somatic Educator (in the tradition of ​Thomas Hanna, Ph.D).


Jo's initial yoga teacher training was steeped in somatic awareness, ​a practice​ that asks us to notice from the "inside-out" rather than focusing on the "outside-in."​ It was a natural progression for her to begin to explore Clinical (Hanna) Somatic Education as she dove deeper into her practice and realized the benefits in her own body as well as her students. 


She was instrumental in introducing 

​Clinical ​(Hanna​)​ Somatics to Australia 

​where she coordinated the ​first courses in Clinical Somatics to be held in Adelaide. 

Jo has brought Martha Peterson (author of the book Move without Pain, Pain-Free DVD series and Director of Essential Somatics)​ to Australia​ since 2013 to run ​Clinical

(​Hanna​)​ Somatics Exercise Coach trainings.


She has assisted Martha during her Australian trainings in both Adelaide and Melbourne and runs courses in Clinical Somatics across Adelaide and interstate.


​Jo has ​completed​ L​evels ​1 & 2 ​of the ​

Somatic Exercise Coach​ Trainings​, and in 2019 completed her studies in a 3 year Clinical Hanna Somatic Educator training programme. 

​This is the first of its kind to be offered in Australia. 


Jo is one of only 10 practitioners across AUS & NZ to be trained in this work, under the tutelage of  Martha Peterson and ​the ​faculty of Essential Somatics.