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Exploring the true potential of being human using gentle yoga postures, breathwork and meditation.

Clinical Somatic Education

Clinical Somatic Education (in the tradition of Dr Thomas Hanna), is a form of movement re-education that improves your sensory motor system and alleviates chronic muscle tension that causes you pain. 


Upcoming Events

Spring Into Freedom

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Somatic Movement Workshop


Torrensville, SA

2.5hr workshop

If you are fed up living with pain caused by chronic muscle tension and would like to gain insight how Clinical Somatics can empower YOU to get back to living life to the fullest, then this workshop is a must.

You will learn:
• Why tension and pain develop in your body
• How to get your brain back in control of the muscles
• 3 easy steps to release muscle tension - and NO, it’s not stretching!
• Slow & gentle movements you can access for the rest of your life

Date: 17 November, 2019

Fee: $60 (catch the Early Bird for a $15 saving - $45 expires 25 October

For more information and registration, book now!

3 Hour Somatics Workshop

Cairns, QLD

-- with Clinical Somatics Educators Kay Barr (Cairns) and Jo Bentley (Adelaide).

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This 3 hour Workshop showcases what Somatic Education is all about and how these simple, gentle and effective movement patterns can literallychange your life. Thomas Hanna’s brilliant system uses targeted slow movements (called “pandiculation”) to allow the brain to recalibrate tightness in our body via the central nervous system. This is not about stretching or exercise – this is about accessing the sensory-motor cortex and regaining a freedom of movement which you thought was lost, or was unavoidably just a part of getting older! This workshop includes the ‘why and how’ and also practical movement takeaways that will enhance whatever you like to do in life, be it Yoga, martial arts, all sports or simply alleviating that discomfort that comes with modern life - too much sitting and what is now called ‘tech neck’ !!

Date: 24 November, 2019

Fee: $60 per person

Time: 1:00-4:00pm

incl. afternoon tea break

For more information contact Kay Barr

on 0417 563 936 or submit RSVP here

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